5 Elements That Turn Assassin’s Creed Into a Big Metaphor for Self-Improvement

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Video games are made specifically for entertainment, but the Assassin’s Creed series goes a little beyond that.

There’s a lot of research behind the game’s creation. They’re known for their accurate references to history. But what I found more interesting is the way they built fictional stories around real historical events.

As a big fan of the series (and self-improvement), I couldn’t help but notice these metaphors buried in the game.

The Templars Symbolize ‘Order’

Order is established to keep you away from danger, but too much of it restricts you from improving.

This is the reason why the Templar Order became the antagonist of the game. Their desire to keep things under their control goes too far. It limits its citizen’s freedom to change old rules and laws that no longer serve them.

These rules and laws are similar to your current beliefs and mindset if you fail to update them, your chances of improving drop significantly.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” — Albert Einstein

The Assassins Symbolize ‘Change’

Change also known as “Chaos” in the realm of psychology, is generally viewed negatively, but that is not always the case.

“In its positive guise, chaos is possibility itself, the source of ideas, the mysterious realm of gestation and birth. As a negative force, it’s the impenetrable darkness of a cave and the accident by the side of the road.” — Jordan Peterson, 12 Rules for Life

Chaos happens when you disrupt the current order of things. If you’re unhappy with your life right now, you cannot expect it to become better if you don’t change anything. This happens when you close your mind from entertaining new ideas, knowledge or beliefs.

Self-improvement requires you to rebel against what you already know, similar to how the Assassins (Chaos) exist to rebel against the Templars (Order).

The Feud Between the Templar Order and the Assassin Brotherhood Symbolize The Internal Conflict Of Pursuing Growth

The war between the Assassins and the Templars will always be there.

Their coexistence is what made the series last for almost 15 years! The same principle applies in the realm of self-improvement. Whenever Life presents us with the opportunity to improve, we go through an internal conflict by asking ourselves, “Is the risk associated with the benefit worth it?”

The balance of power between the two is what moves you forward: Order (stability in life) equips you with the courage to overcome the (internal) Chaos of taking the risks.

“To straddle that fundamental duality is to be balanced: to have one foot firmly planted in order and security, and the other in chaos, possibility, growth and adventure.” — Jordan Peterson

The Assassin’s Stealthy Approach Symbolize The Right Approach to Self Improvement

The Assassin Brotherhood do their work behind the shadows.

The less attention they gather, the fewer headaches and resistance they have to go through. Self-improvement is more effective if approached the same way. It is not a show you broadcast on social media.

This explains why there’s a lot of successful people out there you have not heard of — that’s because they are too busy improving themselves as opposed to putting on a show for others to gain fame.

“A Warrior also knows that the fool who gives advice about someone else’s garden is not tending his own plants.” — Paulo Coelho

The Weapons and Armor Sets Symbolize Knowledge and Wisdom

Why is it that we often go out of our way to collect the best weapon and armor sets in any video game we play?

The best weapons and armor sets are acquired by either purchasing them or by completing a challenge. The same principle applies to accelerating our personal growth. We can purchase courses and hire a coach, or we can take on the challenges of life that reward us with unique wisdom — the kind that cannot be purchased or acquired any other way.

If we equip ourselves with the best wisdom, belief, knowledge and mindset, our life would be much better than where it is today.


Now, I couldn’t confirm if these metaphors were done intentionally. But does it really matter?

What’s more important is that there are lessons that can be drawn from it that can be applied to better your life.




I write about insights drawn from the life of a father, gamer, full-time employee and digital artist.

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RJ Reyes

RJ Reyes

I write about insights drawn from the life of a father, gamer, full-time employee and digital artist.

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