• The Silent Wave

    The Silent Wave

    An integrative medicine doctor on the autism spectrum who has also survived a 20-year marriage to a controlling mastermind and is starting out all over again.

  • Rosemi Mederos

    Rosemi Mederos

    Rosemi is the Publishing Manager at Soul Excellence Publishing and the founder of America's Editor, a book editing company.

  • Amazigh Bba

    Amazigh Bba

  • Ogreatgames


    We are a video game retailer specializing in video games, consoles and other electronics! Our website is https://ogreatgames.com/.

  • Daniel Silva

    Daniel Silva

    A freelance writer who talks about life, creativity, and productivity. https://linktr.ee/dcslva

  • Vincent Van Patten

    Vincent Van Patten

    Exploring what lights my soul on fire ❤️‍🔥 Author | Photographer | Host of The Dare to Dream Podcast | Coffee Times inspo editor ☕️ vincentvanpatten.com

  • Niall Leah

    Niall Leah

    An expat from Manchester, UK currently living in Chengdu, China. I am inspired by history, mindfulness, and philosophy. I remain endlessly curious.

  • AliciaMarie Belchak | Master Life, Build Dreams

    AliciaMarie Belchak | Master Life, Build Dreams

    Author, speaker & coach. Nexus of ideas. I help you ignite dreams, master life, transform results & turn possibilities into reality. www.aliciamariebelchak.com

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