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  • Jennifer Dary

    Jennifer Dary

    Recovering perfectionist. Likes humans. Brain tumor survivor and a mom. Founder of

  • Angela von Wartburg

    Angela von Wartburg

    Game Dev in my day job, side hustling in my free time. Writing about Etsy, POD and making money online as an introvert. Diagnosed with shiny object syndrome.

  • Dennis De Silva

    Dennis De Silva

    Top Writer In Entrepreneurship▫️ Business & Career Coach ▫️ LinkedIn Addict

  • Sahir Dhalla

    Sahir Dhalla

    University student exploring the world of writing. Using philosophy and neuroscience to improve lives, but also writing things I find interesting.

  • Mouad Bouras

    Mouad Bouras

    Full-Stack Consultant who writes.

  • Alberto Cabas Vidani

    Alberto Cabas Vidani

    Always finding new ways to create more content. Coaching for prolific creators here:

  • Sarah Mitchell

    Sarah Mitchell

    Founder of Typeset and Global Copywriting. Working to make the world a better place for readers everywhere.

  • Richard Fang

    Richard Fang

    I write here ✍ ☆ I create 📹 Youtube videos at ☆ and for everything else

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