Steal Some of That Big Pub Credibility to Increase Your Online Presence

Gaining credibility on your own is a cool story but it can take forever when you’re starting from scratch

RJ Reyes


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I prefer to read articles from the big pubs.

The articles they put out there are consistently more valuable than the ones that are self-published. Now, this isn’t to say that they are always better than self-published articles. It’s just that I don’t have the time to comb through my feeds to find the good ones.

This mental process of deciding what to read is something I can use to get more readers.

Now, I’m a new writer who is barely visible to the algorithm.

The reason is simple: I haven’t published enough to gain credibility. But how do I gain credibility if my articles are never shown to new readers? It sounds like applying for a job that requires experience, but you don’t have the experience.

This is precisely why it makes sense to write for publications that are already established.

However, others advise you not to do it for various reasons.

This left me puzzled because I don’t really see any downside to writing for big publications. Perhaps it boils down to your goal as a writer: are you writing to share? Or to make money? Or to be popular?

When a publication is “big”, it shows you how many readers find it to be valuable.

As a newbie writer who doesn’t have any online credibility, it makes sense to borrow some of that big pub’s credibility. Their acceptance of my article is a confirmation that I’ve written something valuable. The more articles I can publish with them, the faster I gain credibility online. The more credible I look online, the more readers I get, thus, improving my online presence.

It’s more efficient to borrow some of the big pub’s readers than to uncover the secrets behind the algorithm.

I’m too dumb to understand how algorithms work. And so, I will resort to learning arithmetic. Enjoy this fun read from J.R. Spiers:



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